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Giving a digital marketing agency a fresh new look and identity

Rebrand, website, content

The client

In Marketing We Trust is one of our core clients that also happens to be one of Australia’s leading technical performance agencies. They believe in applying an engineering mindset to solve complex problems for large brands and collaborating with their clients to deliver consistent, measurable results. They combine the best in class expertise with the highest standards and today operate in 19 countries and 14 languages, with some of the best talent from across the world.

The brief

Who better to tell the world what they do than the ones who know them best?

Although In Marketing We Trust was known for delivering meaningful results to its clients, their website hardly did justice to their brilliant track record. Having worked closely with them over the years, we proposed a rebranding exercise that would reflect their offering in a simple and impactful way. This involved working on a brand thought, tagline and communication strategy, creating a complete new visual identity which would be extended to all online and offline communication, defining brand guidelines including an extensive brand book and finally creating a brand new website which would be in sync with this tonality and visual identity.

Brand Communication

Designed down to the last detail

As an agency, In Marketing We Trust is obsessed with delivering meaningful business results to its clients through insights gathered from their digital expertise. Their clients view them as an extension of their team and trust them implicitly as a partner. In order to convert this insight into a powerful brand thought, we came up with  – “Measurable results. Immeasurable trust.’ as a tagline that conveys all they do and more.  This sentiment was then carried forward through all the marketing collaterals for the brand and we made sure it was reflected both internally and externally.

We also worked on all aspects of the brand’s content, from presentations to website content, creating a brand language that reflected the core persona of the brand. By defining who the brand was and what it stood for, we were able to create a distinct tone of voice that was consistent across mediums. One that was fun yet technically sound, quirky yet knowledgeable. We got rid of the blind spots in marketing jargon and filled it with interesting insights, meaningful content and a bit of off-beat humour thrown in for good measure.

Brand identity

Don’t look now, they’re changing!

In Marketing We Trust faced a problem of having a similar offering to thousands of other digital agencies in Australia, although their results and services set them miles apart. Our challenge was to create a memorable visual identity that made them stand distinctly apart and that could be effectively carried across all types of media and communication while retaining relevance.

The concept

The layered identity we created was fun and vibrant while still maintaining a level of maturity. By using geometric shapes and grids, we referenced data elements while the handwritten annotations allude to the team’s intervention in analysing and acting upon this data. And like a truly global team, these pieces came together to form the visual language.  Thus creating a look that’s distinctive, memorable and most importantly, cool.

Website content

We were tasked with creating fresh content for the brand from the ground up. We worked closely with the client, especially senior members of their team and distilled the technical information they shared into content that was engaging and meaningful. Since the website catered to an international audience well versed in the tech side of digital marketing, we had to create conversion-focused content that led to compelling calls to action via well-defined user journeys.

Website design

The website design carried the visual language that was created for the brand forward. With compelling graphics and animations, doodles that catch your eye and visuals that provide relief, the website was designed with simplicity that gave the technical content room to breathe.

Website development

The website was developed on WordPress so that it can be easily content managed by the client, but flexible enough that standalone pages can be created without the need for ongoing development using Divi’s drag-and-drop editor.

Building a site with so many micro-interactions and animations that is still high-performance was a real achievement for the team, our developers hope you like it as much as they do!

Campaign creative

We decided that the rebrand deserved a launch campaign that lived up to the benchmark we had set ourselves.

We devised a digital strategy to first create awareness, then move potential clients further down the funnel towards consideration and conversion.

We created banner ads with a simple, straightforward message, introducing In Marketing We Trust to an audience who may not be aware of the brand and what it does. The visual look followed the brand guidelines, making it distinctive and easily recognisable across platforms.

Our hope was that repeated exposure to ads across relevant media sites would create recall and traction, after which we could move into the next phase, with more brand centric creatives, which would deploy the campaign thought of ‘Measurable results, immeasurable trust.’

With the first phase already underway, we can confidently say that our campaign guarantees the results our client hoped for.