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Reimagining the user experience for Dubber’s AI-driven portal.

About the client:

Dubber is the world’s No.1 unified call recording and voice intelligence solution, providing AI-based reporting and analysis for banks, insurers, large call centres and more.

The brief:

After years of enhancements, several acquisitions and a re-brand – Dubber’s platform needed an overhaul. Our challenge was to redesign the platform to reflect its enhanced capabilities, bringing AI and insights to life.


Our discovery process of stakeholder interviews, workshops and documentation review gave us insight into the business rules, features and user requirements and tech capabilities to be considered.


After exploring a few different frameworks we selected the user stories framework to document the key tasks that will be performed by each persona.

We then converted the information from user stories into screen flows in order to visualise the flow of tasks and the potential IA.

This then informed our proposed information architecture of how the platform would be structured.

UX concepts and iterations

A number of different variations of medium-fidelity wireframes were developed to find the smoothest way for a user to experience the complex feature set. Once a direction was selected by the client, an iterative process with multiple rounds of feedback and prototyping helped us narrow the focus and lock in a direction.

UI design

Dubber having recently undergone a rebrand, we created components following predefined styles, fonts and colours, influenced by the latest trends in platform design to create a sophisticated, SaaS inspired look.

Design system

By leveraging Figma’s capabilities we built a modular design system, empowering Dubber’s internal team to quickly assemble prototypes and test variations while maintaining a consistent design aesthetic.

Roll out

Through a meticulously planned rollout in phases, we tamed the beast of 50+ Figma screens. We inventoried, prioritised, documented, and audited, with feedback fueling continuous refinement.

Deepika, Dorian, and the entire Nibble Digital team have excelled in handling our website redesign and the development of concepts for our new platform. Their innovative creative ideas were not only impressive but also extremely well executed. They’ve proven to be a great partner, consistently seeking opportunities to provide valuable support and assistance.

Mike Weeding
Global Product Director, Dubber