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Building a high-performance publication site, in a hurry

About Adviser Ratings

Adviser Ratings are a team of finance and consumer experts striving to increase the availability of financial advice for everyday Australians.

The brief

The team at Adviser Ratings wanted to build a new content site to inform consumers about financial help opportunities available to them in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The site would also serve as a qualifying tool for connecting potential customers to a range of suitable financial advisers.

Key considerations

Speed of development

To be handed over within three weeks of receiving the brief


Built to perform at speed under large traffic volumes by providing clean code and minimising the use of plugins


Ensure easy integration with ad-serving platforms and third party tools

Sponsorship placements

Provide a number of admin-controlled sponsorship placements that are easy to update

The process

The Adviser Ratings team provided us with a skeleton design that we fleshed out to ensure elements of the site not only looked great, but rendered well across all devices. During this process we reverse engineered a style guide to ensure consistency in look and feel for future design updates.

The build itself was managed via Github to ensure concurrent development between the two teams could occur as seamlessly as possible, with all infrastructure being provided by Adviser Ratings.

Final deliverables

Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

WordPress site

Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Style guide

Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Content management manual

Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Custom reporting via Google
Data studio

Advisor Rating Testimonial

We had a really tight deadline, we really asked a lot of Nibble. We asked them to build us a proposal of a very limited specification and then to start almost immediately. I just want to acknowledge the work from Deepika and Dorian in terms of helping us on that journey, they were really responsive, agile, in the way that they accepted and acknowledged that we were still working it out as we went. I think the way in which they coordinated our team to get together on regular calls to ensure that we’re all on the same page. All in all, I recommend the Nibble team and thank them once again for their contribution to Advisor Ratings and Together Australia.