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Enhancing a tech platforms entire online presence


PrimaryMarkets is Australia’s number one platform enabling the trading of securities and shares in unlisted companies. They also offer a diverse range of additional services including capital raising, a share registry and corporate advisory offering.

PrimaryMarkets redesigned their technology, digital platforms and marketing strategy to ensure continued growth and an enhanced online presence in a competitive global market.

To deliver on this challenging brief, we brought together a collective of specialist agencies, as well as getting hands on with design, development and creative.

Style guide

The technicoloured branding of PrimaryMarket’s is a double edged sword. It forms an unrestrictive base to work from, but creating a memorable, visual presence across such a broad spectrum of colours can be challenging.

We created a set of brand rules and a digital style guide to ensure a consistent look and feel across assets, no matter the execution.

Website content

Creating content for a business with a complex value proposition, and an array of different audiences, made for a challenging brief.

Leveraging the technical information held by senior people within the business, then distilling this down into compelling calls to action via well-defined user journeys enabled us to create conversion-focused content.

Website design

The website was designed with simplicity in mind, allowing space to give technical content room to breath.

This approach also helped accommodate the brands that needed to be promoted in prominent areas across the site to promote the various trading opportunities available on the platform.

Website development

The new website was developed on WordPress to enable easy content management in a high-performance, secure environment.

Key development features of the site include

  • Login area powered by Active Directory B2C to enable logged-in users to view secure content
  • Hubspot integration
  • Integration with the .Net trading platform to enable the WordPress admin area to manage the content on both platforms


PrimaryMarket’s needed to improve their analytics capabilities across their website and digital marketing efforts to better understand the return on their technology investment and marketing spend.

We upgraded their analytics ecosystem to create

  • A unified, event-focused source of truth across both the website and trading platform powered by Google Tag Manager
  • Creation of a Google Analytics 4 property
  • Automated reporting which blends multiple data sources using Google Data Studio

Digital marketing strategy

We were charged with creating a results-driven digital marketing strategy for

PrimaryMarket’s including

  • Enabling the client to manage their own social media channels to a higher standard by creating a library of Canva templates and a theme-driven social calendar
  • Revamping the content strategy by creating a series of thought leadership articles designed to build trust in the brand itself, rather than relying on the strength of the opportunities on the platform
  • Vetting and onboarding a new paid media agency to manage the digital marketing spend

Campaign creative

We worked with the cohen paid media agency to uplifting the brands online

Presence by creating assets across

  • Social
  • eDM
  • Display
  • Video